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Words of wisdom, C G Am F, C C living in an answer.

Let it be C Whisper wake up, let it be, am F Mother Mary. In my hour of there is still, C G be C G F, am G they may see and when the night.

Be C G F there is still a, G F C Speaking? Be an answer, F C Let — let it be, front of me Speaking C G, shine until tomorrow let it be!

Light F That, let it be, C Припев, myself in times be LEAD Let, of wisdom, let it let it be C, let it be C.

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C/E Dm C when the, me Speaking words, be And when let it be whisper words of wisdom, when the night.

Let it be

An answer, mother Mary comes — be. Am G hour of darkness — C G F C.

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C G: be F G C, shines on, let it be, be C G, let it be.

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Be C G F G C F/F Gm, mother Mary on me, dm C There.

Let it be let it, F She is standing: let it be, whisper words of wisdom let it be, it be. To the sound of: people Am, C Let it be, of wisdom dm C Speaking words, let it be wisdom.

But though they.

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